What are the added benefits of utilizing SpringBoard Platform?

SpringBoard Platform is one of the most comprehensive full-service video player that will have many features including configurabl skins, playlist, widgets, content feeds, social connectivity, monetization, among many other features. In addition, SpringBoard’s video solution will be weaved into Evolve Media's overall “go-to-market” sales strategy for your site to effectively monetize your video inventory.


Can I restrict certain advertisers from serving ads through the video player?

Yes, you have full control over what types of ads you want and don’t want to run through your video player, whether it is a specific advertiser or category of advertisers, type/quality of content, etc.


Once the video player is set up, how long will it take for me to start seeing ads?

There is naturally a ramp-up period between when you set up the video player and start seeing advertisements; however, with video, the ramp-up time is significantly shorter. Typically, you will start seeing your first campaigns within a week.


Can my users take this video payer and use it on other sites? i.e. personal social page, etc.

The SpringBoard player will allow you to send/link the video code to a friend, in addition to being fully embeddable on 3rd party social networks, blogs, etc.


How will I be paid for video ads?

Everything sold through your player with be trafficked through Doubleclick and appear within your dedicated PubOps account. The process will be streamlined for easy access to view all of your reporting information, including earned revenue, paid impressions, etc.


Can I set up minimum CPMs for video ads?

Yes, you can provide us with a rate card for all video inventory sold through Evolve Media.


Will Evolve Media also be able to monetize my international video inventory?

All of your inventory will be sold and monetized effectively by our Canada, UK and Australian sales team.


How do I become a Publisher?

Please visit our Request More Info form. Please note that, we do receive a high volume of publisher inquiries on a daily basis. Our team will be in touch if we are interested in pursuing a partnership. If you do not hear from us, we are likely not able to move forward in exploring a partnership following an evaluation of the site.